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Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries(Group) Co., LTD.is a company specializing in the production of engineering plastics and accessories, and set product production, sales, design and processing as one of the joint venture enterprises in Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries(Group) Co., LTD.

Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries,aiming at providing engineering plastics and plastic parts,is a joint venture integrating manufacture,sale,design and process,aims at providing engineering plastics and plastic parts.company owns whole sets of imported manufacturing machines and advanced CNC machining machines,besides advanced process tools,company technology are also tremendous.

At the beginning of the working,company designs and exploit varies of plastic products by themself,and occupy in the market,lots of domestic brand machine equipment factory and final user substitute it against similar imported products.Meanwhile,products expand business to West countries,southern east Asia,the middle east,Africa and Hongkong,Taiwan,having a good reputation among our customers.
Company produces products following IOS9001(2000) strictly,the quality conforms to European Union RoHs standards,
Varies of engineering profile:MC NYLON、OIL NYLON、POM、UHMW-PE、PU、PETP、PC、PTFE、PVDF、PPS、PEEK、PAI、PI、PBI and so on!wide parts processing condition,whole customized production ability,exquisite manufacturing technology and machines,professional products technology consult and after-sale services.

*polymer materials synthesis.

Main products:MC NYLON,OIL-FILLED NYLON,PU,POM,UHMW-PE,PETP,PC,PTFE,PVDF,PPS,PEEK,PAI,PI,PBI,sheet,rod and tube,the whole products import foreign process technology,with quality above the England NYLACAST standard.
Expanding the size of engineering plastic profile and increasing efficiency and quality of production is the  goal should be executed all the time in the future.

Nearly new-designed MC NYLON trigger squeeze,the first domestic MC NYLON produce technology,manufacturing with good quality and highly produce efficiency,besides providing standard plastic profile worldwidely,company also manufacture Customized unnormal profile.

*Advanced produce and process technology

*CNC process

Company equips with newest AutoCAD drawing software,connecting with CNC processing centre,can provide customers the whole service,from profile choosing during the designation of the products,size of the materials to the finish of the production,from technology-skilled workers,advanced processing equipments to complete testing methods.all the parts,including raw materials purchase,produce and process,are under the line of IOS9001(2000),which strengths the quality of company products.

*Injection mold

Self-mold exploit,design and manufacture;skilled color-blending engineers;from mold manufacturing to mold testing,mold amendment,and mold injection,mold coasting,company provides whole sets of services,which save products manufacture time.Meanwhile,company owns advanced-Electric spark,wire Electrode cutting machines;skilled at injection and coating technology;and best-chasing design method,quality products;which wins customers around the world good prize.Further more,company recycles the wasting materials in the production,which is economical and environment.

*PU coating 

Company manufactures PU products according to customized hardness and color,also own technology in Metal core of couplet,unique technology in the coupling of Metal and PU highly increase products Torque,pressure carrying and anti-debonding,which expand the years of products using.

*Products testing centre

Company owns newest Ultrasonic NDT detector,used for MC NYLON products,and for some special products,company tests it using X-Ray.company has rule,all the products sending to customers should be testing before package well.

*High performance materials exploiting centre

This centre established by Company and Guangzhou Local University is a place integrating”Prodcue,Study,Research”,also charges for company new products exploiting and production method instruct,meanwhile,is a trainee place for University students.The centre have power in researching,also owns advanced machine for testing and materials synthesis,already achieve a lot in MC NYLON thining rod,toughened nylon,MC NYLON/WMNC.

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