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The special visit from England client

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The special visit from England client

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The Executive manager from Oxford England,directly lands on Guangzhou last night by air,

taking a special visit of my company and consulting about the new product purchasing plan.

Today 10:00 am, President Xu,dealing with company issues at “Meditation Room”,takes inte

rview with Executive manager by himself.

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From the beginning of the talking with the client,we can feel that,the friend from England,

shows much interests in our “Chinese culture”,to fulfill client’ curiosity,President Xu,introd

uces our Chinese Classic study : the core ideology of  " the book of changes "  and the 

spirit of  ”Buddhism”, then, President Xu, discusses the technology and manufacturing sch

edule with client,further more,clients shows us his new item product drawing and sample 

which he takes in this special trip.Obviously , we communicate with delight and interests,

when the time comes to 1:30 pm,we along with client have lunch together.


After sending off the clients,President Xu,heads on studying “Three ways of Management” in

3T plan course,which held by Alibaba enterprise,the enthusiastic discuss of the course  does

not fade until 23:00pm! President Xu,personal summary: the harder you try,the more luck you

 will get!


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