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nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube

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Manufacturers direct sale nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube
  • nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube
  • nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube
  • nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube
  • nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube

Manufacturers direct sale nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube

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    (OD)50-1800 X (ID)30-1600 X Length(5...
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    Manufacturers direct sale nylon(pa6/pa66) sheet rod tube

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Our manufacturers direct sales of different specifications, sizes, colors 

of the nylon sheet / nylon rod / nylon tubes.

pa66 / pa66gf25 / pa6gf30 / pa66gf33/ polyamide sheet rod tubes.

一、Common specifications include:

ColorNatural、White、Black、Green、Blue、Yellow、Rice Yellow、Gray and so on.

Sheet Size1000X2000X(Thickness:1-300mm)、1220X2440X(Thickness:1-300mm)


Rod Size:  Φ10-Φ800X1000mm

Tube Size:  (OD)50-1800 X (ID)30-1600 X Length(500-1000mm)

Different specifications of nylon rod tube can also be customized

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二、Main Properties of MC Nylon


三、Introduction of different nylon materials

1、MC Nylon Natural/white

MC Nylon,means Monomer Casting Nylon, is a kind of engineering plastics used in comprehensive industries,

has been applied almost every industrial field.The caprolactam monomer is first melted, and added catalyst, 

then poured it inside moulds at atmosphere pressure so as to shape in different castings, such as: rod, plate, tube. 

The molecule weight of MC Nylon can reach 70,000-100,000/mol, three times than PA6/PA66. 

Its mechanical properties are much higher than other nylon materials, such as: PA6/PA66. 

MC Nylon plays a more and more important role in the material list recommended by our country.

Since the end of 1980’s, Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industireis Company has devoting herself on 

developing the technology of MC Nylon modification, greatly extended the applications in different industries. 

Basing on the MC Nylon, reinforced with variety of additives during the reaction, such as lubricant, 

molybdenum disulfide, graphite glass fiber, carbon fiber etc, to improve the properties, 

higher performance of wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance,

self-lubrication, vibration-absorption, noise-absorption. At the same time, as the technics and 

structure of the moulds is quite simple, so that it can be manufactured in lower cost, 

becomes the ideal substitutes of bronze, stainless steel, Babbitt alloy , PTFE and so on.

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2、Oil Nylon green

Oil Nylon(green)is the new engineering plastics that developed by Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries Company 

in the later 1990’s by importing the advanced technology from UK, was the first authentic lubricating nylon that builds the liquid lubricant system during the processing stage, which makes its coefficient of friction is 50% lower than the general PA6 or PA66, 

the wear-resistance is 10 times than the general ones. Oil Nylon is specially developed for the parts of non-self-lubrication, 

heavy-loading and low-speed-running, which obviously resulted in a substantial increase in bearing life—5 times that of general PA6 and 25 times that of phosphor bronze! The lubricant contained within the material will not drain, adsorb or dry out and never needs replenishment. The uniform distribution of the lubricant throughout the product guarantees the constant performance of the parts over the whole service life and improvements in rate of wear, sliding frictional properties, abrasion resistance and stick slip performance, which are just a few of the benefits offered by this material. Oil Nylon has been successful in considerable enlarging the application of nylon in many industries and specifically for some un-lubricated running parts.

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3、Other casting Nylon:

Oil Nylon + Carbon Black

Oil Nylon added carbon, has the very compact and crystal structure, which is better than the general casting nylon in the performance of high mechanical strength, wear-resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance and so on. It is suitable for making the bearing and other wear mechanical parts.

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4、Oil MC901Blue

This improved MC Nylon, has striking blue color, which is better than general PA6/PA66 in the performance of toughness, flexibility, fatigue-resistance and so on. It is the perfect material of gear, gear bar, transmission gear and so on.

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5、MC Nylon + MSO2Light black

MC Nylon added MSO2 can remain the impact-resistance and fatigue-resistance of casting nylon, as well as it can improve the loading capacity and wear-resistance. It has a wide application in making gear, bearing, planet gear, seal circle and so on.

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四、Product show

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