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ketron peek 1000 sheet
  • ketron peek 1000 sheet
  • ketron peek 1000 sheet
  • ketron peek 1000 sheet

ketron peek 1000 sheet

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    Natural、Black、Khaki、Offwhite and s...
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    (OD)30-600X (ID)20-500X length(500-10...
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    PEEK is a kind of heat-resistant, high performance thermoplastic special engineering plastics. It has go...

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ketron peek 1000 sheet


*Aviation Industries:

PEEK, can be used to produce all kinds of parts in the planes instead of Aluminium and other metals. With its excellent flame retardant, the inner parts, made of PEEK, can reduce the damage degree of fire in the planes. PEEK has successfully test in Chinese “Shenzhou”Spaceships series and widely applied in Boeing and Airbus airliner at present.

*Electronic industry:

PEEK, has excellent electric performance, which is the perfect isolator, and can still keep the excellent isolator in the execrable working environment of high-temperature, high-pressure and heavy-humidity. So the electronic & electrical industries have been the second application area of PEEK, especially in semiconductor industry, PEEK is often used to produce wafer carriers insulator, linker, printing circuit, high-temperature plug and so on. Recently Japan, Euro and America has used PEEK material to produce the SLSI.

* Medical Industries:

Besides, PEEK can be used to produce some exact medical equipments for the OPS and dentistry, which can annihilate bacterium and can be used time after time, the most important application of PEEK, which is used to produce the artificial bone instead of metal. The artificial bone, which is made of PEEK, has the good performance of light-weight, non-toxic and good-chemical-resistance and so on, and can integrate with the organism of human body. So PEEK is also successfully applied in medical industries.

* Electricity & nuclear industry:

PEEK, has the excellent performance of high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, radiation resistance, which has successfully applied in the wires and frameworks of nuclear power stations.

*Machine manufacturing Industries:

PEEK, is used to produce the valve of compressor, piston ring, airproof parts, and all kinds of chemical pump and valve parts. The impeller of whirlpool pump, which is made of PEEK instead of rustless steel, can reduce the degree of abrasion and noise, can delay its aging.

* Auto industry

PEEK, with its excellent wearable performance and mechanical properties, can be used to produce the inner covers of engines、auto bearings、flakes 、airproof parts、gear ring of clutch and other parts. Now, a great deal of PEEK has been applied in the driving and braking system and air-condition of auto cars , such as: Audi、Benz、Nissan、 Kreisler、GE. 

ketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheetketron peek 1000 sheet