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ketron peek bushing

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ketron peek bushing
  • ketro peek bushing
  • ketro peek bushing
  • ketro peek bushing

ketron peek bushing

  • Color:

    Natural、Black、Khaki、Offwhite and s...
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  • PEEKTube Size:

    (OD)30-600X (ID)20-500X length(500-10...
  • Product description:

    Heat-resistance,Mechanical Properties,self-lubricating,Chemical Resistance,Flame retardant

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ketron peek bushing

Main properties

1. Heat-resistance
PEEK has a higher glass transition temperature and melting point (334℃). It is one of the reasons that it can be a reliable application in the requirement of the heat. Its heat load variable-temperature can be 316℃, continuous use temperature is 260℃.

2. Mechanical Properties
PEEK is the plastic that strikes a balance between toughness and rigidity. Especially, it has an excellent fatigue resistance against alternating stress that is the most talented of all plastics, and it can be comparable with alloys.

3. Self-lubricating
PEEK has outstanding sliding characteristics in all plastics; it is suitable for stringent requirements for low coefficient of friction and resistance to friction used. Especially, the self-lubricating properties of PEEK will be better if it is modified by carbon fiber and graphite mixed in the proportion of each of them.

4. Chemical Resistance (corrosion resistance)
PEEK has excellent chemical resistance. In ordinary chemicals, it can be dissolved or damaged only by concentrated sulfuric acid; its corrosion resistance is similar to those of steel and nickel.

5. Flame Retardant
PEEK is a very stable polymer. The 1.45mm thick samples can achieve the highest standard of fire retardant without adding any fire retardant.

6. Stripping Resistance
PEEK has good stripping resistance; therefore, it can be made into thin wires or electromagnetic wire coating, and it can be used in harsh conditions.

7. Fatigue Resistance
PEEK has the best fatigue resistance among all resins.

8. Radiation Resistance
PEEK has a very strong γ irradiated resistance, which is stronger than the radiation resistance of polystyrene, which is the best one among generic resin. It can be made into high-performance wiring that can still make good insulation capability when γ irradiation is at doses of 1100Mrad.

9. Hydrolysis Resistance
PEEK and its composites will not be affected chemically by water and high-pressure steam. The products that are made from this material will maintain the outstanding characteristics in continuous use in high temperature and high pressure water.

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